Will Jamie Foxx be a dad again? One of the former co-stars of his show may have accidentally revealed the truth. Read more and see photos and video here.

Jamie Foxx

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, former co-star on The Jamie Foxx Show, was on a nationally televised talk show when she let it slip that he may be a dad again. Jamie Foxx already has a teenage daughter from a previous relationship.

On the show, Beauvais-Nilon was discussing whether or not she has kept in touch with Foxx, when she said:

“We’re very cool, we saw each other on Easter Sunday… and he told me that he had a new baby and I said, ‘Jamie, wow! Do I know the babymama?’ and he goes, ‘No.’ And I go, ‘Do you know the babymama?'”

Wow, she called him out on national TV! Even worse, the host of the talk show went on to poll the audience about whether or not they knew Jamie Foxx was a new dad.

Shortly after, the actress seemed to be backtracking a bit, and even apologized, saying: “J, I’m sorry!” Oops!

Well, so far it’s just a rumor, because reps for Foxx have neither confirmed nor denied the claim.

If it’s not true, that would be pretty creepy of her to make up, wouldn’t it? I mean who would just come out and say something like that without it being based on some kind of fact?

What do you think, is Jamie Foxx going to be a dad again? Or is his old friend just making up rumors? Let us know in the comments section below.

See more photos and the actual video of her revealing the alleged secret baby below.

Jamie FoxxJamie FoxxJamie FoxxJamie Foxx

Photos: Christopher Mason/WENN.com, www.wenn.com