A premature baby that was declared ‘dead’ wakes up for his father before his funeral wake. Read more, and see photos and video here.

baby wakes up

A baby that was born 16 weeks early in Asuncion, Paraguay was declared dead after several attempts to revive him failed. When the baby was born, he only weighed slightly over 1 pound.

The head of pediatric care at the hospital, Dr. Ernesto Weber told Rueters: “Initially, the baby didn’t move, he practically didn’t have any respiratory reflexes, nor did we hear a heartbeat and, as a result, we declared a premature fetus of 24 weeks dead.”

The ‘dead’ baby was delivered to his father a few hours later in a cardboard box. When the father opened the box, he heard the baby crying and moving his arms and legs. Here’s how the father described it:

“I opened it to look at his remains and found that the baby was breathing. I began to cry.”

The man then rushed the infant back to the hospital, and he is now in stable condition. The mother, who was still resting at the same hospital, was then informed that the baby survived.

In an attempt to come up with a clever headline, many outlets ran this story using the phrase “funeral wake.” The fact is, the baby had only been declared ‘dead’ a matter of hours before the father heard him crying. There was no time to even begin planning for a funeral, nor did the baby wake up at the actual wake.

Check out a video about the incident here.