Bai Yun, a panda at the San Diego Zoo has given birth to her fifth cub. The baby became the 14th panda in the United States. Check out photos and video here.


San Diego Zoo panda Bai Yun gave birth to her fifth cub on Wednesday after a 130-day pregnancy. The cub is now the 14th panda in the United States. Zookeepers say that Bai Yun’s labor seemed easy.

The 17-year-old panda apparently licked herself, rolled on her back to grab her hind legs and stood on her head. Veterinarian Dr. Meg Sutherland-Smith said at a news conference,

“We saw a contraction and then about five seconds later, we just heard a wailing cry of the cub. … it was a very vocal cub, it was like whoa … it’s got a really good set of lungs. She really had, I think, a very pleasant labor, not that I would know, but she didn’t have seemingly as much discomfort or moving about as what we’ve seen in the past.”

Bai Yun began nursing about 30 minutes after birth. The little cub is pink and nearly hairless. At birth it weighed about four ounces and is about the size of a stick of butter. Its gender won’t be known for about a month, and as with Chinese tradition, it won’t get a name for 100 days.

Bai Yun and her cub will live in privacy for about four months, but can be viewed on the zoo’s Panda cam.

What a happy story!

Check out video of Bai Yun below.