Was a Debbie Rowe multi-million dollar settlement reached in the custody case of Michael Jackson’s kids? Rumors earlier today say yes, Radaronline.com, says no way! Read more about the latest on the Debbie Rowe Katherine Jackson custody battle and that rumored million dollar settlement here.

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Debbie Rowes Children

Rumors today that the custody of Michael Jackson’s children would go to Katherine Jackson for a multi-million dollar settlement are just not true, according to RadarOnline.com.

RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that Debbie Rowe has NOT reached a multi-million dollar settlement with Katherine Jackson over the custody of her two children with the late King Of Pop.

Londell McMillan attorney for Katherine says, “The reports are false.” Other said reliable sources also say, “There is no deal that has been reached.”

At any rate, I hope the system does what is right for Michael Jackson’s kids!

A video of Debbie Rowe are below.

Debbie Rowe Video

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