Rumor has it that a Paris Jackson song is in the works as a tribute for her father Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Read more and see photos and video here.

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Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s Daughter

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter, is rumored to have a desire to record a tribute song for her father. Apparently Paris had the idea after watching the performances at her father’s memorial service.

As far as having had delivered the statement she did at the end of Michael Jackson’s memorial and seeing the spectacle and everyone around her mourning for her father, a source tells the Sun, “Paris was overwhelmed. She never comprehended the scope of his fame.” But even though she wanted to speak at her father’s memorial, this singing gig may not be approved by a few members of the Jackson family. The source adds, “The Jacksons are very reluctant. But she’s convinced it’s a good idea.”

So, what do you think? Michael seemed to keep his kids well protected from the public eye. Would Paris Jackson singing be something her father would approve of?

Paris Jackson Song Singing