Despite being in the process of getting a big fat divorce, Jon and Kate Gosselin managed to put their differences aside to spend the Independence Day holiday with their eight children. Read more and see photo and video of Jon and Kate 4th of July together.

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Jon and Kate Gosselin Home In Wernersville, PA

Jon and Kate Gosselin and their eight children spent the 4th of July holiday at their home in Wernersville, Pa.

The Gosselin family played volleyball and picked blueberries for a cake that Kate was baking. And, the family enjoyed lighting up sparklers in celebration of the holiday. According to a source, this particular get together was planned weeks ago.

Kate tells, “Jon pointed to the July 4 holiday and said, ‘What are we going to do about that?’ I absolutely cannot imagine not spending every single holiday with my kids. I don’t care what it takes. I will be there.”

Click here to see a photo of the Jon and Kate Gosselin 4th of July together.

A video of Jon and Kate Gosselin are below.

Jon and Kate 4th Of July