Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric are expecting their first baby together and they are fabulously excited. Their baby should arrive in December 2009. Read more and see photos and video here.

adriana lima

Supermodel Adriana Lima never pictured herself being married and with child already in her life. Lima says, “I never saw myself being married and having a child. Not because I did not want to. But it’s tough to find somebody.” But when she met Marko Jaric, things changed. She adds, “I knew he was the one and I could see myself married with him and with a big family.”

Jaric adds, “We wanted to have a big wedding with my family from Serbia and her family from Brazil, but we realized we don’t want to make a wedding for other people, just to show off. We realized the wedding is a really private thing and it’s to make us happy.”

Shortly after their honeymoon, Lima found out that she and Jaric were expecting. “We are so excited! We wanted this. We were ready.”

Marko adds, “Even in my wildest days I knew that I wanted to be the ultimate family man. We’re ready to settle down.”

And settle down they will be doing, just without that extra sleep they are used to now!

More photos and a video of the couple are below.