Move over Angelina Jolie and Madonna! Since his in depth coverage of the Haitian earthquake, many reports have been swirling that Anderson Cooper may be considering adopting a Haitian orphan. But are these Anderson Cooper adoption rumors true?

Considering the source, the rumors are questionable but we have some details here.

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Reports of reporter Anderson Cooper adopting a Haitian child have been plaguing the internet, especially since the National Enquirer have dished their dirt.

Sure, Cooper has been doing fabulous things in Haiti since the country was struck with a devastating earthquake. And while his long hours of reporting and heroism have grabbed the attention of many, the National Enquirer is reporting that a longtime friend of Anderson and his alleged boyfriend are interested in adopting a Haitian orphan. Okay, wait one hot minute here. Since when did Cooper have a boyfriend? Wowsers. That’s the first I’ve heard about that! Okay, well anyhow, a supposed longtime friend of Anderson and his “boyfriend” is dishing that “the death and destruction in Haiti made Anderson realize what’s really important. He and Ben have decided to become dads. Ben has been the best thing that’s ever happened to Anderson. They both feel they’re ready for a baby.” Well apparently, this longtime friend does not have a clue what he/she is talking about.

Via his official Twitter account, Anderson Cooper has dispelled those adoption rumors by tweeting, “From ac: while the plight of children in Haiti has touched us all, stories about me adopting a baby are completely false.”

Awww, well we are disappointed as Anderson would be a fabulous father! So long, longtime “friend” of the silver fox. Thanks for clearing up those adoption rumors, Mr. Cooper! Keep up the wonderful coverage and all you are doing in Haiti!

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