Tyrese Gibson’s daughter is sure one little cutie. As Tyrese has been busy with his modeling and acting career, a bit of an interesting twist has taken a toll on his life as a man and a parent. Read more about Shayla Somer and why Tyrese feels it is important to keep divorce drama away from the kids.

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Tyrese Gibson’s daughter, Shaylar Somer, is too young right now to really understand what is going down in her family’s household, but one day she will know why her parents are no longer together. Tyrese Gibson is the proud papa of the little 2 1/2-year old, along with mama Norma Gibson.

However, as of late Tyrese and Norma are in the middle of a custody battle. Similar to his latest movie’s plot Legion, Tyrese was surprised to find out that the storyline of his flick would be a reflection of what his own life would be like.

About the similarity of his life and his latest movie, Gibson told a source, “It’s almost like this film predicted that I was gonna go through that. I actually went through it in the movie before I went through it in real life.”

However even though he is going through this difficult time during his life, Tyrese has advice to those fathers who are going through similar situations. “At the end of the day, this is what I would say to all fathers: Don’t allow the conflicts between [you and] the mother of your child … to get in the way of your responsibility as a father…Your responsibility when you coexist and create a child is to be a father — period — because that child is affected by your irresponsibilities if you decide to be irresponsible.”

Well that is good news for Tyrese Gibson’s daughter, Shayla Somer! She won’t have to get so involved in this hot mess separation. Hopefully it will be as civil as Gibson says.

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Photos: Adriana M. Barraza/www.wenn.com