Jackass Johnny Knoxville, also known as Phillip John Clapp, is a proud papa once again! After announcing the pregnancy of his girlfriend Naomi Nelson back in August, Knoxville has shared the news with the world that they are officially parents. Read more about the birth of Rocko Akira Clapp here.

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Johnny Knoxville and girlfriend Naomi Nelson have welcomed a baby boy into the world! A big fat congratulations to the couple and their new little addition Rocko Akira Clapp.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that on December 20th, 2009, baby Clapp was born weighing in at 8 lbs., and measuring 20 inches long.

Back in August, Johnny announced on his blog that he and his girlfriend were expecting their first child together. He said, “[Naomi and I] have been together a few years now and felt it was time to start reproducing (if you know what I mean). Anyway, we are excited as all hell, and can’t wait ’til the little booger gets here.” Well now that the “little booger” is here, I am sure the couple are enjoying time with their little kiddo and trying to remain sane while attempting to catch a few winks of sleep.

Johnny already has a child from a previous marriage. Madison is Knoxville’s 13-year-old daughter from previous marriage with his ex-wife Melanie Clapp. About Rocko’s upcoming debut, Knoxville blogged, “My daughter Madison has already started becoming a big sister too and is helping pick out clothes, strollers and beds for her new little sister or brother.”

What a perfect age for Madison to be a big sister. It sounds as if she is just as excited as her parents! Congratulations to Johnny Knoxville and Naomi Nelson on their baby boy Rocko Akira Clapp.

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