New Kids On The Block’s Joey Joe McIntyre is officially a father to two children now. Rhys Edward McIntyre was born this weekend to McIntyre and his wife Barrett. Yay for babies! Read more about Joey McIntyre’s baby boy here.

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There’s another kiddo on Joey McIntyre’s block. Singer Joey and his wife Barrett have welcomed another boy to their family. According to PEOPLE magazine, the singer’s rep confirmed that Rhys Edward McIntyre was born on Sunday, December 13th, 2009 at 9 p.m. The little bundle weighed in at 7 lbs and ten ounces, a healthy baby boy.

Joe confirmed the news via his Twitter, as he tweeted on Monday “He and his mom are both rock stars.”

So are there any other babies in the McIntyre’s future? Joey says, “I think we have a deal to keep going until we have a girl. That’s what my wife says.”

Joey’s current project, his solo work titled Here We Go Again is now available on iTunes. In addition to his solo album, the singer will join the New Kids on the Block for a holiday concert in their Boston hometown. Sounds as if Joe is keeping himself busy in addition to being a proud papa.

Joey McIntyre’s baby is little brother to Griffin Thomas McIntyre, who is already two years of age.

Congratulations to the happy little family on their new addition!

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