It has been a rough week for TLC’s 18 Kids and Counting mother Michelle Duggar. Michelle who is knocked up with her 19th kiddo was rushed to the hospital over the weekend with some gallbladder issues. The Duggar’s delivered a video update via iPhone from the Arkansas hospital in which she is hanging out at. Read more here about Michelle Duggar’s hospital update.

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While she may seem like the professional baby popper outer, things aren’t always so perfect for TLC’s mother of eighteen Michelle Duggar. Just this last weekend, the mama was hospitalized for some gallbladder problems, which I am sure is no fun. On top of that, Duggar is preggers with her 19th child! Although, one could maybe assume that this or something similar has happened in one of her other 18 pregnancies?

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Via video phone, Michelle Duggar told her fans, “The gallstone has kind of calmed down… blood pressure is still getting regulating, and the baby sounds good. So we’re sort of waiting to see what happens.”

Jim Bob added, “So far the baby is doing great. And we’re so grateful to God.”

To be on the safe side, Jim Bob announced that they will be residing at the hospital for just a few more days to make sure that she can get back down to a healthy blood pressure.

Well thank gawd that Michelle Duggar is doing fine and that the baby is going to be okay. Check out Michelle Duggar’s Hospital update video here.

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