Arnold Schwarzenegger and his daughter Christina spent some quality time together in California yesterday November 24th, 2009. The father-daughter duo were spotted holiday shopping at Barney’s Of New York in Beverly Hills. We’re hoping dad dished out some big dolla dolla bills for his offspring! Read more here about Christina Schwarzenegger and her October shopping escapade that had a sales clerk’s panties in a bit of a bunch.

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As a biography, Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger was born on July 23rd of 1991, which makes her to be 18 years of age. Christina’s mother is Maria Shriver and her father is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Can you imagine growing up with the Terminator as a father? Yeah but she wasn’t alone. Christina is one of four Schwarzenegger siblings.

Not a whole lot has been reported publicly about Christina Schwarzenegger but in addition to her shopping outing with her father yesterday at Barney’s New York, we have heard that the daughter of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver isn’t exactly the most polite shopper…well, according to a sales clerk.

Recently a source reported that on an October shopping excursion with her mother at Saks Fifth Avenue in Washington, D.C. left all the clothes Christina had tried on (and didn’t buy) the floor of the dressing room. Oh, the horror!

Apparently the sales staff was shocked to think that Maria and Arnold did not teach their child any dressing room manners. In defense of the Governor’s daughter, perhaps they were in a hurry?

Christina Schwarzenegger is following in her mother’s footsteps by attending Georgetown University. Let’s just hope Arnold’s daughter isn’t following Maria’s footsteps by texting and/or talking on her cell phone while driving!

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