It’s been a few months since we’ve seen Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s twins Marion and Tabitha, as the new babies have been kept pretty much under wraps. However yesterday the twins were out for a New York stroll with their nanny. See photos of the cute little babies here.

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Perhaps there could be a good reason as to why we have not seen the Broderick Twins, Marion and Tabitha that much as of late. There has been a bit of drama concerning Michelle Ross, Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate mother of the twins.

According to a source, Ross testified in court that tax files and ultrasound photos were taken from her home in Ohio while she was in hiding prior to giving birth.

In fact, is reporting that Ohio police officers, Barry Carpenter and Chad Dojack, have been charged with illegally entering Michelle Ross’ home and taking the items and then trying to sell them to a photographer who was attempting to break the news about the identity of the mother of the SPJ’s twins. See, my friends, it’s always about the ching ching and the bling bling!

But of course, the two police officers have their reasoning behind their “intrusion”. Carpenter is saying that he entered Ross’ home after spotting the door to her basement wide open. Mmmhmm, so basically he is saying he was trying to simply secure Ross’ home.

The good news is that the copper was guilty! And too bad, the police chief is facing ten years in the slammer. He recently told People, “I stand by what I say. I didn’t burglarize no home. I don’t want to give up a 17-year police career for something that was a joke.”

At any rate, someone is not telling the truth. What do you think? Is this cop full of bologna or is Michelle Ross delirious?

Check out some photos of Marion and Tabitha Broderick below.

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Photos: SMartinez/