It has been a whirlwind of a year for Jon and Kate Gosselin as the media storm that revolved around them in regards to their very public divorce drama ensued. The end result is the conclusion of the reality show that made their life as a family very public and their job. The Jon and Kate Plus 8 series finale is almost upon us. The question is, will you be watching?

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The Jon and Kate Plus 8 season series finale will be airing before we know it. However, what can us as viewers expect from the final one hour?

Back in September we were made aware that Jon would no longer appear on the show and the series would continue on without the father of eight, with a renaming of the show to be Kate Plus 8. But now because of Jon disputing the series due to his children being exploited, the show is going to end completely.

TLC spokesperson Laurie Goldberg said, “Kate Plus 8 is not in production. We are focusing on the launch of Kate’s new series in early spring.” This is probably for the better considering Jon is going to want a big fat chunk of that cha-ching himself.

I know many of you are thinking that perhaps after the Jon and Kate Plus 8 season series finale that this would be the end of seeing these two money hungry media hounds out of the spotlight? I hate to break it to you, but I’m afraid your dreams will not be fulfilled.

Goldberg adds, “We are focusing on the launch of Kate’s new series in early spring.” So does this mean Kate will have her own reality show? Her own cooking show as was rumored? We will have to patiently wait and see.

As far as the Jon and Kate Plus 8 season finale, we can expect to see Jon and Kate separately speak about the past year. In addition we will get to see Jon take the kiddos to a nearby fire station, while Kate brings the kids to a local dairy farm. And yes, they will be with the kids on their outing without the other parent.

The “Jon & Kate Plus 8” season series finale airs Monday, November 23rd at 9 PM EST on TLC. Will you watch?

kate gosselin

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