Alexandra Kerry has found herself in a bit of hot water today. Apparently Kerry had a bit of too much fun last night and decided to hop behind the wheel of a vehicle. Yep, Alexandra was arrested on suspicion of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). John Kerry’s daughter was busted! Read more here.

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I’m sure today not only is Alexandra Kerry feeling a strong need for a large glass of cold water and a couple of Excedrin to mask that alcohol-induced headache, but perhaps John Kerry’s daughter is feeling a bit of embarrassment? If a publicly known (alleged) DUI doesn’t do it, I’m not sure what will (besides a sex tape, of course).

Los Angeles police have confirmed that “Senator John Kerry’s daughter Alexandra was arrested on suspicion of DUI early Thursday morning in Los Angeles.” Yep, she was pulled over by the coppers!

Sgt. Enrique Mendoza told People magazine, “She was stopped by officers for a DUI investigation. She was brought to the Hollywood station where she was booked. She identified herself as Senator Kerry’s daughter.”

Apparently Kerry was booked shortly after midnight and released at 5:25 a.m. after posting $5,000 bail. TMZ is reporting that Alexandra’s blood alcohol level showed a level of .06. California law has a legal limit of .08, but a driver can still be prosecuted if the vehicle is being operated unsafely due to alcohol. However because she was under .08, she more than likely won’t be charged for the offense.

Alexandra Kerry is the eldest daughter of Massachusetts senator and the Democrats’ 2004 presidential nominee John Kerry.

Career-wise Kerry has produced several documentaries and several small acting roles. Perhaps now she will have a bit of inspiration from this experience? Hey, just sayin’.

A court date for Alexandra Kerry’s DUI is set for December 10th. It should be interesting to see whether Alexandra gets charged.

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