Rhonda Ross Kendrick is Diana Ross’ daughter and a new mother herself! Add in her acting and musical careers, mixed in with some charitable work and Kendrick is one woman with her hands full. Read more here about the busy mama.

rhonda ross kendrick

Rhonda Ross Kendrick recently became a mother for the first time. In a recent interview with the website Breezy Mama, Kendrick dishes on life as a new mother, what her mother Diana Ross taught her and how she is balancing her career and motherhood. Check out some of the highlights from the interview below.

About being a new mother to her son Raif, Kendrick says, “I am COMPLETELY in love with my newborn son, Raif. I knew I was going to be. I’ve wanted to be a mother for a long time, but –like most parents– the depth and scope of my love for this child simply takes my breath away. My husband and I are loving every minute of it!”

How has her mother Diana Ross taken to her little grandson and does she babysit? Kendrick says, “This is my mother’s first grandchild and, suffice to say, she is having a BALL! She was by my side throughout the entire pregnancy and birth and now, though she still travels and tours, she spends all of her free time with her new grandson! We’ve done all the “firsts” together…first diaper change, first feedings, first bath. It’s been SO AMAZING!” Can you imagine having the legendary Diana Ross as your grandmother?!

So just how does she balance her career and her new life as mother?

Kendrick states, “Before becoming a mother, I was a wife, an artist, a speaker, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. These things kept me very busy and fulfilled. Of course, now that I am a mother, I am still all those things and they still keep me busy, but now all I want to do is be with my son!

I want to play with him when he’s awake and watch his beautiful face when he’s asleep. I want to read every book and magazine article that will teach me how to best care for him. I want to expose him to all that life has to offer and make sure he knows that –like every child– he can be and do and have anything in this world! Each moment is so precious. In other words, the hardest part of being a mother for me is that ALL I want to do is be with my son and sometimes other things fight for my attention.”

Rhonda Ross Kendrick is the daughter of Diana Ross. Her father is Motown Records founder Berry Gordy.

rhonda ross kendrick

Photos: Darnell Walker/www.wenn.com