Kaia Jordan Gerber is Cindy Crawford’s daughter and the victim of a horrible extortion plot that involves a nasty photo that was taken of her. The alleged extortionist, Edis Kayalar, is currently holed up in Germany and being charged with the crime. Read more here.

kaya jordan gerber

Eight-year-old Kaia Jordan Gerber is the daughter of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. She is a beautiful little girl, but as a youngster Kaia was taken advantage of by Edis Kayalar and Crawford’s former nanny. In an extortion plot, a photo was taken of young Kaia wearing provocative clothing and bound and gagged.

Edis Kayalar is the accused extortionist. Apparently the photo was being used as blackmail by Kayalar as a means to receive $100,000 from the couple.

Kaia told her mom and dad that her now former nanny took the photo of her as a part of a “cops and robbers” game. Edis is said to have taken the photo from the nanny.

Thankfully Kayalar, has been charged with one count of extortion, and was recently deported to Germany.

Kaia Jordan Gerber was seven years old at the time when the photo was taken. Kaia is now eight years old.

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Photos: KOKOPIX/www.wenn.com, Dimitri Halkidis/www.wenn.com