Hollywood mother Melissa Joan Hart is one of the few exceptions to keeping her Hollywood kiddies under wraps and in seclusion or adhering to other Hollywood child-rearing tendencies. Read more and see photos and video here.

melissa joanhart

Melissa Joan Hart is the mother of two sons, Mason, 3 ½, and Braydon, 15 months. And while some celebrity parents would much rather have their children protected and away from the lime light, Hart is quite the opposite as she would much rather show her kids off at any chance she gets, which isn’t often. Hart is a hard-working mother, but says her family keeps her sane.

About her two boys Hart says, “They’re very happy. They’re very laid-back and active … and amazing!” She adds, “If I’m working and I get a call, I feel like “Ah, man!” Literally I miss a day and I miss so much. It’s amazing how quickly it happens.”

As far adhering to many celebrity child-rearing tendencies, Hart has a rule. She tells Mom Logic,

“My one thing is, don’t let a nanny raise the child…Our nanny has become a good friend. It’s really hard sometimes with the boundaries, exactly because I want to treat her like a friend, but that’s also why there are ground rules. We’ve only had one nanny, and she’s been with us since the second son was born.”

Melissa Joan Hart is married to Mark Wilkerson, the father of Mason and Braydon.

A video of Melissa is below.

Photos: www.wenn.com