I wasn’t sure what to think upon reading this story this morning. A father uses his son’s ashes in a tattoo? Yeah, I was initially kind of creeped out by this, but once I thought it over, it isn’t so bad, is it? Read more about this unusual yet compelling story here.


There are some people out there who unfortunately have to deal with burying their child before a child can bury them. And it’s sad, probably one of the saddest things everyone doesn’t think will happen to them. But for some people who have lost a child they are adamant about paying to their lost loved one in some way, shape or form. While many hold a memorial and or a funeral service, others may choose a different route. But a tattoo created from their child’s own ashes? A father from Herefordshire UK is doing just that.

Mark Richmond and his wife Lisa lost their son Ayden in 2005 to a rare condition in which the almost 2 and 1/2 year old was unable to process fats.

As tattoo parlor owners, it was inevitable that a tattoo may have been in order to honor their son, but to use their child’s ashes? Mr. Richmond thought that mixing some of Ayden’s ashes in the ink for a 7in black and white portrait of him to place on his chest would be a great way to honor his son.

Of the idea for the tattoo with ashes, Richmond says, “I just thought, why not. I’m an artist, what better way to express myself than by designing a tattoo of my son using some of his ashes.” He adds, “Some people might think it’s a bit morbid, but until they have been through what we have, I don’t think they can really judge us.”

Mr. Richmond is said to be getting his tattoo on Wednesday of this week. What do you think of this father using his son’s ashes in a tattoo to honor him?