It has been only four months since the death of the King of Pop and because of the short amount of time the family’s loss still has to be quite fresh in their mind. Latoya Jackson has not been shying away from the media to discuss how her family has been coping, especially Michael Jackson’s kids. Read more here.

michael jackson children

One can’t imagine what it must be like for Michael Jackson’s children as they cope with the loss of their famous father. From what we hear from family members, the kids are doing as good as can be expected. However, LaToya Jackson is seriously worried about her niece and nephews but pleased that they are receiving help through therapy.

About Prince Michael, LaToya says, “Prince just doesn’t want to speak about it. I do worry about him very much.”

So what about the brave little Paris? Her aunt shares that she “thinks and talks about her father all the time. She’s doing very well, writes a lot and she wears his shirts every day. They still smell of him and it helps her feel close to him.”

About Michael’s youngest child, Blanket, LaToya says that he “is just a very sad, shy little boy. He cries – he really does cry. It’s so painful for him. No one can bring his daddy back and it hurts so much. They all go to therapy and I truly hope Prince especially will be able to open up.”

She adds, “Paris doesn’t know it but she has all the makings of a star. If she wants to go into showbiz I can see that happening. The boys like the idea of directing, which is what Michael wanted to do. Kids are resilient. He gave them so much love and that is helping them.”

Let’s just hope that Michael Jackson’s kids pull through this and that Latoya Jackson and the rest of the family continue to support them in the way Michael would appreciate.

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