A statue of Helen Keller was unveiled in Washington D.C. yesterday and we have the video here. Alabama traded a statue of a congressman for that of Helen Keller, which is the first of a child and a person with a disability.

A new statue representing the state of Alabama was unveiled on Wednesday at the Capital Visitor Center. Each state is allowed to have two statues in the National Statuary Hall Collection, so Alabama switched out a bronze of a lesser-known congressman, Jabez Curry. Curry was a former Confederate officer, who was also known as an educator, ambassador and preacher.

The Keller bronze cost about $325, 000 and was purchased with private donations. It is the first statue of a child and a person with disabilities.

I think it is fantastic. Keller was not only an advocate for the blind and deaf, but she also represents real, every day people. Gov. Bob Riley, the former congressman who came up with the idea for the change says,

“This is not to diminish Mr. Curry at all, but I think Helen Keller probably is as recognizable nationally and internationally as anyone who has been born and raised in Alabama.”

His statue has been moved to Samford University in Birmingham. You can check out video of the unveiling below and pictures here. Please also remember to leave us your comments below!