It’s true. Julia Grovenburg got pregnant while pregnant. How in the world did that happen? Oh, just a simple thing called Superfetation. Read more about this amazing story below.


This phenomenon takes place when a pregnant woman ovulates, and then becomes pregnant again. Thus the babies are conceived at two different times. Normally, when you’re pregnant, ovulation ceases.

Julia Grovenburg and her husband Todd, after trying three years to get pregnant, were thrilled to find out they were expecting two babies. After an ultrasound, their doctor told the Arkansas couple that the babies were doing well considering their “ages”. Baby girl Jillian was 11 weeks and 1 day while baby boy Hudson was 8 weeks and 4 days. With subsequent ultrasounds, they have routinely had gestational ages 2 1/2 weeks apart. Jillian is due December 24th, while Hudson should arrive on January 10th. More than likely they will be delivered via C-section in December.

And while Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports that this is extremely rare (only 10 recorded cases on the books), she explains the phenomenon:

“Here’s how it happens–egg and sperm implant. Of course, that’s your first pregnancy. But if you ovulate more than one time a month–and women do–and a sperm happens to meet that egg, and they, too, implant, guess what? You get a second fetus.”

While some medical experts feel that Grovenburg is carrying twins and this is just a case of one twin developing at a slower rate than the other, many have been focusing on Superfetation as the cause of the two babies having different gestational ages. Julia Grovenburg said:

“We feel very blessed, but the truth is that I gagged. I started getting sick, that’s not a joke. My ultrasound [technician] Susan was in total, utter shock. My husband was laughing.”

What do you think, readers? Are these babies twins or a result of Superfetation? Check out the related video below.