A woman is suing Facebook over a fake profile of her teenage son was created by four other teens. Read more about this story below.

A lawsuit has been filed in Chicago, Illinois by Laura Cook, the teen’s mother, who claims that four teens made a fake profile of her son on Facebook.

Laura Cook claims the profile included photos of her son, his cell phone number and “defamatory statements”. The boys who created the profile allegedly made “disturbing, vulgar and sexual comments to a few girls” on Facebook as well, according to the suit. Additionally, the lawsuit claims that the four teens made racist remarks, even referencing President Barack Obama.

The fake profile was up for around four weeks, and had as many as 580 friends. Some claim that they knew it was fake, but then there were others who believed that it was real.

The suit also claims that the Facebook page had status posts indicating that Cook’s son had enjoyed homosexual acts, with one person even commenting on the post – “that is one of the homoist statuses yet”.

Cook’s son is an athlete and she said she is afraid that his reputation has now been tainted. Because of the mess, the poor boy has had to move to a different athletic club and doesn’t even want to travel with the four teens (who can blame him?) to the various sports events they must attend.

You can see the court documents here.

Okay folks, tell me your thoughts. What kind of punishment should these boys receive? This is such a sad story. What would you do if this was your son or daughter? Leave me a comment below.