Tom Huey is a 51-year-old California man who has been stalking his ex-girlfriend from the air for at least the past year. He frequently buzzed her house in Canterbury Village with in his plane aggravating her and her neighbors. It was the neighbors that eventually helped get him arrested.

Huey is a private pilot who lives in Concord, California and just can’t seem to get over a break-up with his ex-girlfriend. He and his 59-year-old former lady love broke up in April of 2008. She took out a restraining order on him in July 2008 alleging that in 2007, he told her that if he wanted to do anything to her he would just kill her, while holding a gun.

For reasons that aren’t very clear, Huey was not served with the restraining order until last Wednesday, over a year after it was issued. He was ordered to stay 50-yards away from the woman. He is alleged to have called the woman after he was served the papers and told her that she would pay for that.

Throughout all this time, neighbors had been calling in complaints about the low-flying blue and green 1957 Beech aircraft that repeated buzz through their neighborhood at low altitudes, circling houses and in general just disturbing the peace. Residents stated he flew as low as 250 feet over the neighborhood and would do flyovers at all hours of the night and day. Neighbors also began taking videos of the low flying plane, which you can see in the video below.

At one point earlier this month, leaflets were dropped over the neighborhood defaming the woman. In the flier, he referred to the woman with a racial slur. Police believe he dropped the fliers from his airplane.

He was finally served the restraining order on Wednesday at Buchanan Field. Immediately thereafter, he made another eight passes over the neighborhood resulting in a flurry of complaints from the residents. When he returned to the airfield police were waiting for him. He was arrested for suspicion of felony stalking and violating the terms of the restraining order.

Huey is being held in the county jail in Martinez, California on $155,000 bail.