A 19-pound baby was born in Indonesia on Monday! So, how does a 19-pound baby look next to an average baby? BIG! Check out the picture here!

19 pound baby

A 19-pound baby boy was born to an Indonesian woman on Monday. Thankfully, the poor woman had a c-section. That is the size of a toddler!

While the baby holds the record birth weight in Indonesia, he is surprisingly not the largest baby ever birthed. A 23-pound child born in 1879 is still the current record holder.

Doctors speculate that the child is so large because his mother, Ani, had diabetes, causing him to have a high glucose intake. Ani, who is 41, had to be rushed to the hospital due to complications with this pregnancy. Thankfully, everything worked out.

The sweet little man is said to be strong and healthy. He did need oxygen at first, but is doing fine on his own now, and is said to be a healthy eater. Binsar Sitanggang, a gynecologist who took part in the operation says,

“He’s got a strong appetite, every minute, it’s almost nonstop feeding…This baby boy is extraordinary; the way he’s crying is not like a usual baby. It’s really loud.”

Doctors say it was a bit difficult delivering the boy, his legs were so big it was hard to get him out of the womb. He is a little cutie! He measured in at 24.4 inches. Almost a pound of body weight for every inch!

I am not sure of the consequences of being born so big, and if it will cause any health concerns later down the line, but I wish the best for this little guy and his mother.

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