Long-lost siblings were reunited on The Today show Tuesday after decades of separation. The four long-lost siblings were put into foster care and were adopted by different families at a young age, but in a matter of a month have all been reunited. Watch the video and read more about this heartwarming story here.

This is one of the most incredible stories – four siblings were separated at a very young age, put into foster homes and adopted out separately. They grew up in the same area, the brothers went to rival schools while the sisters attended the same high school. The sisters suspected they were siblings, but were never able to confirm, before life took them in different directions.

35 years later Gary Nisbit and Randy Joubert were working at the same furniture delivery company, when they figured out they were brothers. Customers constantly commented on their resemblance and then they began putting the pieces together.

Their story hit local Maine media, and that is when Joanne Campbell read about it. She recognized her mother’s name and figured out that she was their sister. She took her evidence to the furniture store and met her brothers for the first time. Soon after, the three made an appearance on The Today Show on Tuesday, and that is when the final part of the story comes into place.

The three siblings told their story and also noted that they were looking for another sister, Claire Marie. Well, Clarie Marie, who is now Kat Cooper, was watching and knew she was the fourth sibling! How remarkable – this family was all brought together in such a short period of time!

The Today Show video, which is posted below, is very touching. It is incredible to think that after all these years the siblings were reunited in just over a month. You can tell they are all very happy, and they say they are looking forward to spending the holidays together.

It is really nice to hear extraordinary stories like this one. You can read more details on the story here.

Check out the video below and tell me your thoughts!