Clare Irby, a Guinness heiress has been cleared of all charges for being intoxicated on a flight. According to the NY Daily News, the Guinness heiress reportedly let a passenger fondle her, showed her thong, and berated the staff upon being cut of from alcohol.


Clare Irby, a member of the Guinness brewing family, has been in the news as of late due to allegations of being seriously intoxicated on a flight and acting inappropriately.

According to reports, Clare drank several glasses of wine on a flight from India to London, which led to her “out of control behavior”. Irby was then accused of letting her son cry and run about the plane while getting cozy with a passenger, Daniel Melia, whom she was seen kissing and letting fondle her breasts. The NY Daily News reported that Meila’s girlfriend sat in the back of the plane sleeping while this occurred. Clare denies this incident took place, but the Mirror UK talked to Melia who says,

“I remember touching her breasts over her clothes – but I don’t remember kissing her although I know people said we did. All this time her child was on the seat next to her, jumping around.”

Clare is also accused of pulling up her skirt, revealing her thong and lying across four seats and was unaware that her son had a dirty diaper. At this point, staff had reportedly begun caring for the toddler. She denies all of these allegations as well.

After a few hours of this wild behavior, the crew reportedly cut her off, only to be berated and badgered by Clare. The Telegraph reports,

Saloni Khanna, the flight’s crew chief, testified Irby gave staff the middle finger and repeatedly pushed the call button above her seat, only to heap verbal abuse on the attendants.

Upon landing, Irby and Melia were taken into police custody. Irby denies the allegations, who says she was sleep deprived and drank on an empty stomach.

Despite testimonies by flight attendants and evidence, Irby was cleared of all charges today, due to a technicality. It turns out the jury could only convict Clare if she had lost her inhibitions over British air space, and since she had been cut off for five hours previous, she was not charged.

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