Meet Sara Gaspar, who is a former food catering worker with quite a story at the University of Notre Dame. $29,000 tip was added to her usual paycheck, thank you boss. She cashed the check, splurged on all those niceties we would like, and now faces a lawsuit by the school to reclaim the money. With the kids starting college this month, here is a great story from the oops files.

notre dame 29000 tip

It all started on April 17th, 2009, when Sarah Gasper did the usual catering job and undoubtedly did extra special well that day. To her surprise and delight Notre Dame tipped her $29,000 plus change in that little line under the sales tax that we sometimes forget to fill out in the restaurants. Shhh.

You can review all the details here and here and read what others have to say here.

She claims that she tried to contact the catering department a few times but they were unresponsive. And so she did what everyone would do, right? She went on a shopping spree to buy a cool new car and pay off some nagging bills. At least some people would do that I suppose. Tell us what you would do in the comments if you suddenly got a $29,000 tip!

The school is making the ridiculous claim that they only meant to tip her $29 instead, so they are suing her to reclaim her hard earned money. Seems like a stretch to us, since we are always on the little woman’s side against the big bureaucracy.

Alright, just kidding. It’s obvious this was a mistake and she should have known better. In any similar situation put the money in a separate bank account while you try to return it. You can actually get in a lot of trouble for profiting from the mistakes of others, so beware.

And tell the kids too that just because a college cashier’s office may make an error in their favor, that does not make the money their own. Lesson learned: work hard for the money. Teach that to your children as you ponder Sara Gaspar’s lucky day at Notre Dame. $29,000 tips just do not happen because money does not grow on trees.

See the video if you want to see what might actually earn a $29,000 tip. Now tell us what you think below! What would you do?