Because of a Marine’s proxy wedding, his widow and son may be sent back to Japan. Marine Michael Ferschke had a proxy wedding to ensure his wife and child would receive benefits. Now they may not even be able to live in the country he died fighting for.


Michael Ferschke, a Sergeant in the Marines met his wife Hotaru Ferschke while stationed in Okinawa. They instantly fell in love and were together for a little over year, at which point he proposed and they began to try and conceive.

He was deployed, and two weeks later they found out she was pregnant. Naturally they decided to have a proxy wedding so Hotaru and the baby could receive medical care and benefits.

A proxy wedding is fairly common in the military, as often times both parties cannot be in the same place. So Hotaru and Michael were married on two different continents, and she began receiving his military benefits.

Sadly, the couple would never have the chance to meet again, as Michael died fighting for his country. Now, The United States will not allow Hotaru to stay in the country, where his son can grow up with his father’s family and memory. The reason is a silly old law that requires a marriage to be consummated.

This is just ridiculous to me. The military is paying survivor benefits and acknowledges Hotaru as Michael’s wife, so why should the US not allow this poor widow to raise her son in the country her husband died fighting for – where he can be around his paternal grandparents and memories of the father he will never know.

The family is trying to get a private bill passed, but that is a difficult goal to achieve.

So what are your thoughts on this? Do we need to reform this silly law? Should Hotaru be able to live where she can raise her son to remember her father, in the country he died for? Check out a beautiful tribute video for Michael below. Please readers, tell me your thoughts in the comment section.