Lil Wayne’s baby was finally born! Well, one of them. Lil Wayne still has another baby on the way! Some pictures have hit the net, but are they of Wayne’s son?

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Lil Wayne has been a busy man this year. When he is not on tour or selling records he is apparently fraternizing with some beautiful ladies. Lauren London and Nivea Hamilton were both pregnant with the rapper’s babies!

Lauren gave birth to a healthy baby boy on September 9th, and some pictures have already hit the net. Cute, right? Not so much – it’s not the real deal!

Just as with any celebrity, people are dying to see baby photos, but Lauren and Wayne have not even released the baby’s name, never mind a picture! A rep for London released the following statement,

“Lauren London and Dwayne Carter welcomed their healthy baby boy into the world on 09-09-09. Everyone is happy and well.”

While Lauren clarified some baby rumors on her Twitter,

“I’d like to thank the media for naming my child. LMAO. Samuel Lennox is NOT his name. Too funny for me…I kinda like the idea that they’re making up names. We’ll play along for another week or 2. For kicks and giggles.”

Meanwhile, Nivea Hamilton is still pregnant with the rapper’s fourth child, but should be having the baby very soon.

Wayne has two other children from previous relationships; a son from a relationship with a model, and 10 year-old daughter by his ex-wife Antonia “Toya” Carter.

We will keep you posted on the status of the fourth baby, and update with the name of Lauren and Wayne’s child when it is made public.

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