The family of a Tennessee teen who cries blood is still searching for answers, but so far the cause has been elusive. Read more, and see photos and video here.


There is a known condition called haemolacria, which causes those afflicted to actually cry blood, but it normally only occurs under certain circumstances, one of which is following head trauma. This just isn’t the case for Calvino Inman, who panicked one day after noticing the problem in the mirror.

The images of the boy and his blood-streaked face have gone viral this week, and look more like something out of a horror-flick than real life. He will likely undergo a series of tests by various specialists before a “diagnosis” is made. Cases like his remind us that our knowledge does have limits. Could the old cliché be true that medicine is more of an art than a science?

These sorts of enigmatic occurrences do seem to fascinate the public. New examples of medical mysteries occur every so often. The teen who cries blood is just one of many in the news lately. Some of the most intriguing I’ve heard about include a woman whose eyes get stuck shut for days at a time before she is able to re-open them, a man who doesn’t feel cold, a young boy who never sleeps, individuals who suffer trauma and end up with foreign accents, and a little girl who literally feels no pain.

All of those examples have little to no scientific explanations to back them. As technology improves, and more research is done, maybe one day they will.

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Check out a video of the teen who cries blood below.