The aftermath of the Taconic Parkway crash just keeps getting worse. Now, the wrong way crash victims’ kin are calling out the driver’s husband. Read more, and see photos and video here.

wrong way crash

Diane Schuler’s minivan was heading the wrong way down the Taconic Parkway in New York when she collided head on with an SUV. Eight people died that day, including Schuler and her daughter, and despite a medical examiner’s report, her husband continues to deny that she was intoxicated.

The ME found that she was drunk and had smoked pot before she got behind the wheel. So what’s there to dispute?

Well, her husband has told multiple different news outlets that she couldn’t have been drunk, and that she only drank on occasion. This guy is so adamant that about his claim that he wants her body exhumed to have more tests done!

The driver’s husband, Daniel, has offered a litany of explanations for how she ended up going the wrong way on the Parkway for nearly two miles before the collision. These include:

–a stroke
–self medicating for an abscessed tooth
–an unexplained lump on her leg

Meanwhile, the wrong way crash victims’ kin are grappling with trying to find closure. Most recently, their attorney said they want a hair sample from Mr. Schuler, to prove that he and his wife had been around marijuana. Their attorney says if she’d been smoking it recently, there’s no way he would be unaware.

Yeah, I’m sure he’s just going to snip some off and ship it to them right away! I’m still not sure what it would prove even if his hair sample tested positive. It seems to me that it wouldn’t prove unequivocally that he had smoked marijuana with his wife anyway. He could have simply gone off with friends to imbibe. Is that even something a court would recognize? Both sides of this case are getting pretty nasty.

Sadly, it sounds like this guy is delusional. Maybe in the wake of this tragedy, and the loss of his wife, daughter, and nieces, he’s in some sort of deep form of denial. It sounds like it would only be more traumatizing for him and everyone else involved to dig up her body for another exam.

What do you think? Does it make sense for the wrong way crash victims’ kin to request a hair sample of the driver’s husband? Give us your thoughts below.

Watch their response to Mr. Schuler’s claims in a video below.