Carl Probyn is speaking out about his stepdaughter, Jaycee Lee Dugard. Jaycee Lee was recently found after being kidnapped nearly two decades ago. Probyn talks about getting her back and the turmoil the family was put through.

Jaycee Lee Dugard

Carl Probyn is speaking out about the day his step-daughter, Jaycee Lee Dugard, was kidnapped and her miraculous return.

Eighteen years ago Carl waved goodbye to Jaycee as she walked down the street. He watched as a man and woman pulled up and snatched her. He chased them, but was unable to keep up on his mountain bike. Carl himself was a suspect in the case. He was questioned numerous times by the FBI and police when Jaycee first went missing, but Carl Probyn says he understands they were just doing their job. “I knew the FBI was going to put me through the wringer, and that was OK.”

Now, nearly two decades later, Jaycee has been found and Probyn, can’t wait to meet her. He told the CBS Early Show,

“To me it’s a miracle I never thought after 18 years that we’d get her back alive.”
He says he had always hoped Jaycee would be found alive, but he is very upset about “the way she was kept in the backyard.”

Jaycee was kidnapped by Phillip and Nancy Garrido and had been living in the backyard in a highly structured series of tarps and sheds. Phillip Garrido had also fathered two girls, ages 11 and 15, with Jaycee, and the backyard set up was meant to isolate and soundproof Jaycee and her children. Carl Probyn says,

“I was hoping for a better scenario where maybe a couple took her because they couldn’t have their own children or something; that she had been in school, that she had been raised by a couple. I wasn’t expecting this ending.”

However, Probyn was a bit relieved to find out his original description of the kidnappers and their car was accurate. “I told them it was a man and a woman; it was a man and a woman. I said it was an ’85 Ford Monarch gray four-door and it turned out they had the car in the backyard. I was curious for years like how close was I. Was I a help to the case? Did I get the car right? And it turned out I get everything right.”

Being right about the details did little to save his marriage, though, and Carl Probyn, lost his marriage on top of his stepdaughter.

“Losing Jaycee ended the marriage. It wasn’t between us. We’ve never had a fight. We’re best of friends right now. Just losing Jaycee just changed her life.”

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