Tow truck driver and baby, a 13 month old baby that is, met under unusual circumstances Tuesday night. The Tampa tow truck driver found the baby when he shined his flashlight inside the car he was about to haul away. Read more about this story plus photos and video below.

Tow Truck Driver

Tow Truck Driver Finds Baby

After shining his flashlight inside the vehicle, J.D. Davenport noticed the baby’s foot in the back seat of the car parked illegally at an apartment complex in Tampa.

A Tampa police report reveals that Davenport found the baby sleeping in a car seat. The baby’s father, Edward Riley, stated that he was visiting a relative in the Park Terrace Apartments on Hillsborough Avenue at around 10:00 PM Tuesday night, adding that he was visiting the relative “very quickly”. Riley’s car was being towed since it was an unregistered vehicle parked at the complex.

Davenport said:

“I happen to get the light just right and I seen a baby’s foot. The baby was just sound asleep sleeping nice and peaceful. Wasn’t crying or nothing like that.”

While waiting for police to arrive, Davenport forced one of the doors open of the 1995 Nissan, since the windows in the vehicle were barely open. The baby was found to be unharmed.

The towing company was called by one of Riley’s friends upon discovery of his vehicle missing and found out that the towing company did in fact have the baby and that police were called. It is unclear how long the baby had been left in the vehicle before it got towed away.

Riley was arrested and charged with child neglect. He has since been released on $2,000 bail.

See video of the tow truck driver and baby below.

Tow Truck Driver

Tow Truck Driver Finds Baby – Video